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Meet 83 Yr. Old Twin Mechanics Odus and Orus Stokes Video!

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Odus and Orus Stokes were identical twins, who fixed automobiles together for nearly 70 years. Their garage in Brownwood, Texas, may have been the oldest, greasest, dustiest most cultered up auto shop in Texeas. Odus was married to the same woman for over 65 years, Orus married 6 times. I'll let them tell you who had the most fun...

R.I.P. Orus passed away 2012 and Odus in 2013.





Video Script:: 

there might be the battery yeah maybe the battery stuff check it out and see where it is but we've running that problem before many times anytime we'll fix it whatever it is stokes garage in brownwood may be the oldest greasiest dustiest most cluttered auto shop in texas [Music] last count came to 400 sputtering spark plugs 240 cracked carburetors 73 trash transmissions three classic cars and two matching mechanics we got lots of junk that always comes in handy we're working on a lot of junk cars he's got thousand pieces here's the going off of about a 40-mile forward be it an 83 buick or a model t otis and orris stokes can have it up and running in no time well it could be the alternator and they'll do it on the double yeah we're 12. i'm about five minutes older than him that's the reason i'm in the ball oh yeah i've heard that before most people can't tell us apart that a few can but there's lots that can't oh i think here's a problem right there it's got a crack in it i think this will fix it right here yeah that's that's probably what's wrong with it right there yeah there's the trouble for 67 years this pair of identical twin brothers has been turning wrenches in tandem making an honest buck the old-fashioned way hard work it's hard yeah you bet it's hard hard-working 67 years we've been there 67 we've been here that long every day except sunday for you but just for years we work seven days a week but we finally quit sundays what made you do that well we had to go find this side we might need to go to church the burger man is looking at us [Music] i gotta go get me another two [Music] the stokes brothers won't stop work for much there's church on sundays and a ritual coffee break right around well the clock stopped in 1974 but otis and orris always have coffee once a day coffee is one of the few subjects where the stokes agree to disagree otis takes cream and sugar while orris likes it black then there's women otis has been married to the same woman for 65 years horace has been married six times [Music] i've had lots of fun i've been married six times i had a lot i had a lot of fun while i was mechanically cars wasn't all i played with started again [Applause] apart from coffee and women otis and orris think pretty much exactly identically alike yeah oh yeah oh yeah they never quarrel and they rarely leave each other's side even for a moment well we don't have no problems never did have no trouble done everything together we always went everywhere together everywhere we went still do that quite a bit yeah oh yeah all the time [Music] nearly seven decades of engine grease shows in the four worn hands at stoke's brother's garage and that's quite an accomplishment otis couldn't have done it without aorus and orris would be nowhere without otis but sooner than later one of these perfectly preserved 1925 year models will have to go into the shop [Music] how much longer do you all plan on doing this well we did we didn't not talk about quitting yet haven't you ever thought about quitting no no we never talked about quitting you think there might be a day where you all look at each other and say let's close the shop we're about some time how old are you now 83 we'll be 84 june the 2nd would you like to be doing this when you're 94 yeah i'd like to [Music] not time nor age nor computerized cars can keep the stokes brothers from doing what they know best simple mechanicing otis and orris are content to live out their days right here swapping starters and alternating alternators happy just being together [Music] well we just like to do it like to fix something and see it it'll work make it work and that gives you a good feeling this hard work this hard work every day has kept us going [Music] you


  • Patrick Added Two cool old guys (brothers). A lost generation, never to return. Shame.
  • Carolyn Added I loved this video of the two old men, I really enjoyed this, dear old men they have the right attitude.
  • Marilyn Added I loved this video - Love these fellas - Hard work everyday the good Lord gives you is the secret!