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'Lion King' Tackles 4 Wild Cheetahs | BIG CAT LIFE

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Added by Mel in Pets And Animals


BRAVE animal ranger, Shandor Larenty, is back – and this time, he’s taming WILD cheetahs. The 24-year-old recently re-homed four brand new cats from captivity where they had never interacted with humans before. Helping them to settle into their new home at the Lion And Safari Park, in South Africa, Shandor still approaches with great caution and has been working on enrichment activities in order to strengthen their relationship. But will Shandor’s ambition be his downfall? This is the second episode in Barcroft TV's brand new three-part series: 'Big Cat Life', that airs on the Beastly YouTube channel, with a new episode being released each week.





Video Script:: 

Cheetahs can be incredibly dangerous they're predators these guys you know have the potential to actually kill you the aim of working with these cheetahs today is getting them used to going out of the enclosure working with animals that are less obliterated some people it's more difficult and dangerous some people are like why do you keep going if the animals not responding it's okay it's okay we basically have to Barton and kind of look for them in yep they camouflage and so on today we're actually gonna be working with for VAR while the Cheetahs on the reserve working with animals that aren't used to do it is it a very dangerous talk anytime we're working with animals that are less obliterated to people it's always more dangerous every time we go into that enclosure it's a different story we need to start building their trust but hope you get them to the point where we're able to get them into the vehicle and actually take them out of the enclosure and this is just a way to even reach their lives these cheaters are for males or for brothers and they've been at the park for about two and a half years now they're little over four years old now these guys do come from another park they're born in captivity but very little human interaction we have to just approach them really really slowly do you think it just takes about a cub it's been about two years and it's definitely not been an easy process these guys can be incredibly aggressive at times and you know cheetahs can be incredibly dangerous despite the fact that a lot of people put across that they're cute and cuddly but they're predators and one mustn't forget that these guys you know have the potential at the end of the day to to actually kill you when these guys arrived at the park we couldn't get within about 50 metres of them when we had to go in and change the water or clean enclosure or even just for feeding they would actually try and chase your Arts he's really close there's always a risk when you're doing things like this how do you examine their body language each one of them has their own different personality this one was actually called Lian just cuz when he was a little bit younger he looked like a lion club slowly good boy so we have two of our other brothers actually walking over to us at the moment this is Anubis he tends to believe that others a little bit more slowly boy slowly Israeli said sit down sit said sit good boy and this was my favorite boy of them all this is very okay and Pharaoh out of all of the brothers is definitely the most friendly don't get me wrong I'm sitting here I look really comfortable this is like you know perfect African scenery with the Cheetahs in the background this is still very dangerous especially with Cheetahs like this that are more wild when she says Miki that can actually be quite painful if they keep licking you in the same spot hats they have hundreds of little hair fibers on their tongue and it's actually there to help them strip the skin from the meat and the meat from the boat so you can imagine when they're actually in your skin it's like sandpaper which I don't think a lot of people realize [Music] so between the brothers they they do scuffle quite stop it stop stop stop here comes Lian slowly uh-huh boys you're gonna fight yeah stop it stop now in a situation like this where we have four of them all together don't want to be caught in the middle of a of a scrap between them Hey understanding when they're not having a great day which can be as simple as they're you know flickering there is something you have to pick up really quickly because that can be a matter of life within the boys are fighting for attention here stop it stop if you just say stall and stay calm they settle down pretty quickly the idea is to get these guys starting to load into the vehicle and hopefully be able to take them out but this is entirely up to the Cheetahs let's go and boys what we're doing is actually just walking inside the enclosure getting these guys used to walking up along next to us so this is basically what we want to try and get them used to so they know that being on Isis is safe it's time to start the next process and see if we can get them in the vehicle not so happy the cheaters are coming over this is something that's not gonna happen straight away they're gonna be working with one cheater at a time and this is something because we don't want to create a situation where they're going to panic inside there this is actually gonna be the first time they they're gonna be jumping in here so and as you can see straight away this is they they're having a bit of a smell seeing what's happening let's try next one good boy so you'll see they're taking the meat and they're backing off straightaway so they're not a hundred percent comfortable this is but this is the whole process is it's just showing them that there's actually nothing to be scared of let's see if we can get a cheetah boys are you sure you guys are like okay so they're actually having a small they may get a fright they are hissing at themselves in the mirror in the window so we're just gonna give them some time just to have a smell kind of get used to this and just see what happens I'm actually surprised they jumped in so quickly like that we can stay calm we can stay collected what we gonna do is slowly it's not the process of trying to lift the tailgate just to get him used to being in this area we're just gonna see how he he reacts you can see he's pretty comfortable and pretty relaxed he's looking around so the likelihood of us taking them out today is it's not very high simply because we don't want to push it and this is the whole process it can't be rushed this has taken me two years to get to this point when we started this wasn't even close to being possible I never thought this would be possible but once the car turns on it's a different story these guys have to again get used to that get used to the process and don't bite my fingers we're gonna start the process of slowly closing him in so the way this canopy is designed is that has an open back and off he goes and we start again and he's straight back in and this is basically how the process goes it doesn't happen overnight so we're gonna try and see if we can close up the tailgate again see how he reacts at this time hey you don't bite her fingers there we go okay okay so you can see this he's showing signs of not being too comfortable so what we're gonna do I'm gonna get him back up some people are like why do you keep going if if the animals not responding hours and hours and hours of hard work is all worth it when you get to that one point where you just see a change we've you know been able to get the Cheetahs a lot more use to the vehicle and even though we weren't able to take them out of the enclosure it's a great step forward were you done so well hey guys I think we're gonna call it a day with with a session we don't wanna push them too far today was a success working with while the animals and working with animals that are less habituated to people every small step is a big step forward [Music] so you'll hear I'm actually making a purring sound she does purr when they are happy and content so I'm just kind of creating a situation where you know it makes them a little bit calmer and a little bit more relaxed I'm just gonna check the gates make sure everything's locked up and then we're gonna head off hey what are you doing here this is pretty one of our tame giraffes and she is definitely a bit of a diva here on the pock let's see if I can try and move her out the way Purdy hey get one Hey toilet time right in the road rainy can you move out the way please Cody this is one of the struggles I have every single day you're just trying to go home and the giraffe will stand in the road [Music] you


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