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Feral Cat And Her Neighborhood Dog Are Inseparable | The Dodo Cat Crazy

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Stray cat and neighborhood dog are completely obsessed with each other! They have playdates and wrestle every single day.






Video Script:: 

but there was one time where I took char out and then I noticed a cat just slowly coming in through the gate tonight Michael there's like what's going on [Music] Chartier just went up to each other face to face please it was so weird the cat camera looks back on the head and then they just became besties is that your friend who invited her over she was kind of looking at me and I was like you can't just invite all your friends over without asking me but you're just looking at me like what are you gonna do city just kind of beat her so far home when I saw her trying to get her sometimes it's like nobody liked my free life knows the little complex she had their spot that she goes to by the way Miss Kitty I found out where she is living on a porch across the way she has blankets and a bed and gets fed and then she comes to us I think it's bad how's the bed she goes inside when the weather's bad Miss Kitty's waiting for you she sauce pull up came out warning Miss Kitty you slept a little late today she's living your best life [Music] everyone needs to get out of here I don't know what's going on my gosh can we wait to play oh come on come on you two I know you haven't seen your best you know I had an outlook like oh they'll catch their crazy animals really show us a lot just so genuinely for and really enjoy each other really really do it all sing listen furniture they'll roll around forever on top they would do this all day like comment and subscribe


  • Lynne Henderson Added Honestly, one of the very best video's I have seen in a long time. If we could all be even just a little like these two what a different world it would be. I hope they stay friends forever. Beautiful!