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A Rooster Leaves a Gift on Johnny's Desk on Carson Tonight Show Video

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Donna Pyle vists the show with her rooster, who has a hard time crowing and relieves himself on Johnny's desk. 03/24/1978





Video Script:: 

welcome back with good show tonight we have dr. Leonard Smith Marilyn Horne from Metropolitan Opera Milton Berle and this lady if somebody asked where she was from and a gentleman in the audience informed me she is all the way from Charles to the Iowa and and I guess one of our staff saw this in the paper we contacted her and I guess they flew out here at BMG I don't know how you travel with a rooster do you have to check it well I'll find out you go first class of course depending on how your rooster is I suppose anyway she has her pet rooster baby who's done a radio commercial and has won two international crowing contests in Waterloo Iowa and she is here tonight with her pet rooster so would you welcome Donna Pyle let's see now this may cause some problems here that is a big bird boy what a magnificent looking what well let's see Willie will he stand still if you're moving that I just not that I'd mind him there but if you'll just stand still for a while and you could turn around so we can look at us if I nobody sees the show regularly or not so he goes to bed early yeah there you are okay baby baby is that right yeah okay well that's a very large rooster isn't it yeah what kind of a rooster has dad what's the read of it I think he's mostly still going still going yeah they're the little red hen in the white underwear oh they're red feathers on top of weight how much is how much does baby way around 10 12 pounds yeah how did you get house here from Charles City Iowa did you bring her on the airplane yes now how did you check her through in luggage they wouldn't let you take her I guess there's a probably a regulation that you can't if he'd been a dog or a cat or it may be small enough so I could have gotten him underneath the seat yeah he had to come magnificent looking bird you almost didn't get here did you get hold of held up in traffic or something tonight oh there was a communication gap somewhere ah where's Charles City I was born on that well I was born in a town called a bow tie up in the northeast section Oh up near between Waterloo in Mesa City yeah that's a good she's not she want to Oh Baron if he flops these wings watch out then he's ready to crow oh they always be always fought their wings when they crow can I give a little corn just hold it there and see children hey you didn't crow first he didn't he didn't crow much there we're supposed to crow first well it's been up in a long trip how did how did baby get this commercial we were talking about Donna on the Citizens National Bank Citizens National Bank they had a contest or something about oh no they had this poster advertising their new outlooks club mm-hmm and that was a picture of a rooster crowing just cartoon right so I called them up and I said I have a rooster that will cruel when I asked him - oh that's right that's unusual right well usually yeah right usually they're busy at other things how does the crowing contest work is it the [Applause] how many chickens yes she said I just look just like myself rather frightening isn't it sorry about that how many chickens would would be having her baby having her harem what's the normal ratio I don't know you don't really don't know well it probably on my horse at his age he's not too much interested really Howell is a baby he'll be six the second of April so about five year on the downhill so he seems quite well satisfied you just kind of yeah so do you judge the crowing by the how much they crow or how many times how many times and a half [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] little little gift from his feathered colon there but many caught the monologue earlier or something okay okay big deal how many times to baby crow during this in the what length of time in a half-hour get a half hour which is not much really I've been to their contest when I had in heaven when I didn't have him and this one rooster crowed ninety sometimes in a half hour well how'd you win them well this was when he crowed the most oh do they feel crowing the trick time was more than other times I'm serious certain times today morning early morning how do you get him to crow Donna well I usually offer him some corn and he usually crows but you know when will like when will that have him breathe I prayed that somebody made book on him and throwed him one way or the other maybe he's not going to curl maybe he's not going to cry that's really what's got me worried [Applause] is bad upset stomach let me point something out to you Donna we didn't uh we didn't bring him 1,800 miles to take a dump on my desk [Applause] but since it's been well worked mark sponsor then we come back and he's gonna crow it's a little hard out isn't it that's right oh we're gonna eat him one of the two we'd like to welcome a new sponsor that's a nice show the folks from warehouser watch this [Applause] [Applause] you folks at home may not believe this but this rooster has been crowing like crazy he's got it if he's never had a rooster crow in the morning if you live back in the Midway and then Midwest boy they had this wonderful sound now we got we got it going now [Music] have they ever figured out this may sound like a dumb question why roosters crow is like a dog barking is it just showing an emotion or then it starts to grow and then they seem to answer each other if they are out of range of each other yes I don't know what it is that I was just going to just in case is that you have other roosters besides so this one Noreen Tom right you raised other animals I assume if it's a regular working the land rent it out is is this a valuable rooster outside the fact that it control when it apparently when it feels like it not when you tell it to but how would you get crow continuously now yeah you say crow they understand they have okay one one more babe then we'll let you come on one more not one more this one more crow oops crow crow come on thank you guys [Music] you


  • Patrick Added Really a cute video. Also, Carson was the best.
  • Carolyn Added Top video Mel, I just loved it all....dear little Rooster