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9 Most Unequal Fights in Sports History

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Sport is for those strong not only in body but also in spirit. Just imagine the following situation: you have been training for almost every day for years to prepare for the Olympics, and then on the day of competition you suddenly start feeling sick. Yes, athletes must realize that victory is not guaranteed even if you are the best, and unexpected factors can always come into play. To illustrate this point, today we will tell you about the most shocking fights of recent years.





Video Script:: 

hi everyone sports is for those strong nots only in body but also in spirits just imagine the following situation you have been training for almost every day for years to prepare for the Olympics and then on the day of the competition you suddenly start feeling a bit sick yes athletes must realize that victory is not guaranteed even if you are the best and unexpected factors can always come into play to illustrate this point today we will tell you about the most shocking fights of recent years let's get it on Rey Mysterio versus the great khali in many martial arts including judo there are different weight divisions they were introduced so that athletes don't have to face an opponent of a different size but sometimes there are truly weird matchups this fight for example was held in the heavyweight category but few people would call the opponents equal Rey Mysterio who stands in the ring in his famous luchador mask comes up to about the bellybutton area of his opponent the Indian wrestler the great Carly Carly is 216 centimeters tall Rey is 162 how is this matchup even possible but American wrestling is all about entertainment it's widely known that these fights are not competitive this historic fight happened in 2006 back then the Great Khali was just starting his wrestling career so his rival Mysterio who by that time was already a major star probably expected Carly to have little experience in wrestling [Applause] but naturally Carly immediately began to throw Rae around the ring the results was rather humiliating but a very entertaining match in which of course the Indian wrestler won a who is a Manoa versus giant silver the Brazilian wrestler named giant silver is one of the largest athletes in the history of this sport just imagine he is 218 centimeters tall weighs a hundred and 75 kilograms and has inhuman strength who can stand a chance against such a giant well many small arrivals about to face him in the ring and show remarkable ingenuity during the fight in the early 2000s silver joined the wrestling federation new japan pro wrestling in 2006 the world witnessed his epic fight with the japanese Akoo his ermine hour it seemed that the outcome was clear because the opponents were not equal but fate decided otherwise in fact silver had nothing to counter me Noah's agility and not surprisingly just look at his epic forward roll [Applause] thanks to this technique when now I managed to seize the initiative knock the Giant down to the ground and finish him off with kicks another proof that the brain is often far more important than physical strength Iceland vs England what countries have these strongest football teams perhaps Spain Portugal Argentina Germany but definitely not Iceland which is not known for being proficient in this kind of sport the debut of the Iceland seemed that the European Championship took place early in 2016 and ended well very unexpectedly the Scandinavian team made its way to the quarterfinals losing only to France perhaps the most exciting moment was when the Icelanders played against the national team of England of course no one expected that the newcomers will be able to beat the team led by Wayne Rooney he scored only one goal during a penalty kick at the beginning of the first half the Icelanders quickly even the score then seized the initiative and confidently held their lead throughout the second half of the match as a result the British team was defeated and the ice victim gained millions of new fans around the world Argentina vs. Jamaica back in 1998 the Jamaican team became one of several teams that debuted at the World Cup alas the newcomers had to face harsh opponents in the first match they played against a strong Croatian team and in the second against the roof as Argentines the match ended five nil in favor of the Latin American football pros the star of the Argentine national team Gabriel Batistuta even managed to score a hat-trick in this match in just 11 minutes of the second half his team mate Ariel Ortega also showed excellent skills he's got two goals and pulled off incredible attacks throughout the match in popular culture this game which could have been quickly forgotten suddenly acquired a cult status Jamaicans who generally excel at crickets not football have won the hearts of fans around the world with their enthusiasm and colourful uniform even though that was the sole appearance that you make in team at the World Cup the USSR versus the USA this hockey game held on February the 22nd 1980 at the Lake Placid Winter Olympics is usually referred to as the Miracle on Ice due to the unexpected outcome of such a historical confrontation the Soviet team which at that time held the title of both Olympic and World Champion unexpectedly lost to the Americans an American team was made up of amateur hockey players triumph over the Soviet hockey players allowed the United States to reach the final and win gold medals after defeating the Finns of course no one expected that the US team would win any medals at all a training match between the two teams which took place a few days before the start of the games only confirmed the expected outcome the Soviet hockey players then defeated the Americans with a score of 10 to 3 buds during the Olympics something went wrong the first half was relatively calm for the Soviet team but in the second half when coach Viktor Tikhonov unexpectedly decided to replace Vladislav Tretiak who stood at the gold maps were a wrong thing to do as a result the USSR lost with a score of 4 to 3 and taken off later admitted that he'd made a fatal mistake Richard Krajicek vs. Pete Sampras maybe Richard Krajicek is not as well known as Roger Federer but in 1996 he managed to win one of the most spectacular matches in the history of tennis that year the Dutch athlete triumphantly began his victory spree at the Wimbledon tournament easily beating several famous tennis players but in the course of finals he had to face the three-time tournament champion and world number one tennis player Pete Sampras it had seen the outcome of the match was clear before it even began but everyone was in for a surprise krajicek managed to beat his opponent in three sets to understand the importance of this event know that the athlete became the only tennis player who managed to beat Sampras at the Wimbledon tournament between 1993 and 2000 after this victory Krajicek easily won the semi-final and final and became the winner of Wimbledon Rulon Gardner versus Alexander Karelin by the time when the fight between these two greco-roman wrestlers happened the Russian Alexander Karelin held many titles the reigning European Olympic and world champion he was feared abroad and referred to as the legendary Russian bear in 2000 during the finals of the Olympic Games held in Sydney he had to face the American Rulon Gardner who by his own admission was terribly afraid of fighting Carolyn after a scoreless first period as was the rule back then the two wrestlers began the second in the clinch everyone was surprised that Carolyn was the first to let go which was a violation as a result Gardner received the winning points and became the Olympic champion while the rush room was left with a silver medal and ended his sports career this episode is still one of the most controversial ones in the history of Olympic wrestling but for the Americans it was a real national triumph Mike Tyson versus James Douglas many people consider the next story to be one of the most unexpected triumphs in the history of American sports the fight between the rising star of Bob thing Mike Tyson and his opponent James Douglas took place on the 11th of February 1990 and ended with a historic knockout of the former the fight consisted of 12 rounds and at the end of it Tyson could barely get out of the ring it was the first defeat in the professional career of the boxer who knocked absolutely all of his opponents out so what is the reason behind such a devastating defeat perhaps the fact that at the time of the fight Tyson was going through a hard period in his life he changed his coach which greatly affected his technique and also divorced his first wife all of this led to the fact that the tough Tyson often missed his workouts and before the fight with Douglas didn't even watch any of his fights luckily a few years later the legendary boxer regained his form and well-deserved status as the king of this sport sumo wrestlers versus children and finally a few funny photos for the birthplace of sumo Japan professional athletes in this sport often weigh up to 200 kilograms and consume up to 20,000 calories a day and since sumo has a whole set of rituals and rules athletes usually start practicing it very early on in life usually whether about four to six years old there is an interesting tradition in Japan select professional sumo wrestlers and their young successors into the rank such a show usually excites the audience because it's difficult not to be moved by the comical difference between the opponents of course such matches are not taken seriously as a rule they're just done for the amusement of the public as part of the opening ceremony of various major competitions and charity tournaments dude are you looking for new technologies and great gadgets are your thoughts focused on the future deal off huge vehicles and can't imagine your life without robots around here and visit tech zone and you'll find all this and more the link is in the description you interested great [Music] [Music]


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