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8 Secret Messages Sent by Hostages That Saved Their Lives

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Hostage stories can be really horrible. It's not surprising that they are used so often in various films, it's a good way to keep the audience on edge. But that can happen not only on the big screens. Sometimes normal people can become victims of criminals and their last hope is waiting for a miracle. And asking for help in such a way that the aggressor won't be aware of it. It's much harder than it looks, but our today's heroes can say that luck was on their side. Now, first things first.





Video Script:: 

hello everyone hostage stories can be really horrible it's not surprising that they used so often in various films it's a good way to keep the audience on edge but that can happen not only on the big screen sometimes normal people can become victims of criminals and their last hope is waiting for a miracle and asking for help in such a way that the aggressor won't be aware of it it's much harder than it looks but our heroes in today's video can say that luck was on their side now first things first let's get it on pizza for the rescue surely you've used some app to order a takeaway at least once it's handy in saves time and in emergency situations it can also save lives so a resident of Avon Park Florida kidnapped by a boyfriend was able to contact the police threw a piece of delivery request sheriff Treadway 25 had a fight with a 26 year old boyfriend who is also the father of her three children ethan Nickerson took away her phone and threatened her he didn't let Cheryl leave the house after a long fight Cheryl managed to convince Nickerson that the children were hungry and needed to order paid sir if they couldn't get out of the house the woman was lucky because her boyfriend agreed then on the app the woman chose a small pepperoni and wrote please help me call 911 nine one one hostage help which was noticed by Pizza Hut staff later candy Hamilton the restaurant manager confessed that in 28 years of her job that was the first time something like that had happened to her of course she immediately called the police when law enforcement arrived at the scene Treadway was able to leave the house with one child but the two others stayed at their father during the negotiations the police managed to persuade Nickerson to release the children and surrender to the police the man was charged with kidnapping armed assault and obstruction of justice notes in the bathroom once Alaska Airlines stewardess Helia federic noticed two strange passengers on board a well-dressed man and a messy teenage girl she seemed tortured very frightened when the man didn't let the stewardess talk to her it just increased Julius missions then federic silently seeked up the girl to go to the bathroom where she's left her nose on the mirror the girl asked for help on that same piece of paper it turned out that the teenager became a traffickers victim federic immediately reported the incidents of the pilot and was able to notify the police in advance as a result the abuser was arrested this happened in 2011 unfortunately had no impact on the girl's life she grew up went to college and is still in contact as she Lea after all they it all happened thanks to her vigilance when the news broke airline ambassadors launched a campaign to educate crew members on how to deal with kidnapping cases noticing something wrong is easy if you pay attention to the details victims may seem scared to be around people in uniform they may not know the final purpose of the trip they may respond with prepared phrases and be dressed too strangely for the destination in turn abusers often answer questions for their victims and don't know the details of their personal life in general stay alert that can save someone's life the Morse code Jeremiah Andrew Denton jr. served as a u.s. naval pilot during the Vietnam War he was shot down over the city of tun hawa in north vietnam and the crew was captured denton spent almost eight years in prison most of them in solitary confinement of course the life of a prisoner of war was hard but no one knew how difficult it actually was in 1966 he was involved in a television interview with the north vietnamese authorities it was during that interview that denton was able to inform the u.s. intelligence services that he and his crew were tortured and ill-treated thus while answering the interviewers questions dent pretended that his sensitive to light and blinked morse code he believes the word torture several times and since the interview is broadcast on American television it was the first confirmation of the worst on February the 12 1973 Denton was released in Hanoi by the North Vietnamese along with many other American prisoners of war during Operation homecoming he was later awarded with the Navy Cross and other medals for his heroism the pizza delivery guy yes another story about the message and miracle of rescue associated with pizza perhaps we underestimate this dish in the American town of Waldo Wisconsin a pizza delivery man saved a woman who is kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend when Joey grundle 24 brought pizza he saw a woman inside the house she didn't look good and had a black eye the woman was behind the person who ordered the pizza so he couldn't see her but Joey saw her perfectly she pointed to the black eye and whispered in silence help then the woman added call the police when the pizza delivery guy returns at the car he immediately dialed 9-1-1 and told the police what he'd seen when the sheriff's deputies arrived they discovered that it was the landlady's ex-boyfriend who had all of the pizza he entered uninvited attached the woman tied her up and took a hostage as a results being true to confess that he had a gun in his car the man was charged with domestic violence and kidnapping the wordless request sometimes you just have to be attentive to help a person in a terrible situation so a kangaroo Express employee once noticed that a woman sitting in a car nearest store looked pretty strange she said nothing but gestured that she needed help rights now it was 1 o'clock in the morning but the police arrived pretty quickly it turned out that the woman was kidnapped by a guy named Jose Ramos Sandoval when the assailant offered her a right the woman thought that he was her friend's friend but quickly realized she'd made a mistake attempts to leave the cart led to nothing because Sandoval was forcing it to stay while driving in an unknown direction she could only be asking for help in silence the woman understood that that unknown friendly employee might be her only chance to escape fortunately she got lucky the following stories aren't about hostages the heroes mentioned didn't expect to be rescued nor any other help but still these stories are worth telling protest labels in 2017 customers at Zara's Instanbul store discovered unusual labels on their garments the labels weren't the ones that give you the recommendations on how to care for the clothes but turned out to be complaints from Turkish workers about the Unruh sieve payments the workers came to the shops and put additional papers on the clothes with the following text you're going to fire this article I've made it and I'm not paid for it so people hope to draw the public's attention to that problem and get Zara to pay them according to the demonstrators the company owed them three months wages and didn't pay them severance pay after the closure of one of braavos factories that's where they produce clothes for famous brands like Zara next at mango unfortunately we don't know exactly how this story ended the letter and the tombstone one day Julie Kate from Portland bought a set of artificial tombstones for Halloween and put it aside for a while when she opened the set a couple years later she suddenly found a letter hidden between the tombstones it was a message carefully written in blue ink although some of the words were misspelled the meaning was clear dear sir said the letter if you buy this product from time to time please send a letter to the world Human Rights Council thousands of people will thank you and remember you forever the notes also said that the decoration was done at the 8th France of mass angeas work camp in Shanghai China prisoners had to work 15 hours a day seven days a week under the threat of terrible punishments Julie was shocked the letter was undoubtedly authentic and the woman did her best to make the information public one day the New York Times contacted Chile to inform her that they found the author of the story it turned out to be a man named Sun Yi he was in a work camp because of his beliefs and decided to tell the world what was happening behind closed doors son you wrote about 20 letters and put them all in boxes with artificial tombstones but nothing happened the man was released from masanjia in September 2010 and then in 2012 while surfing the Western news sites on the internet found the story about the lesser his letter it turned out that four months after the story of Julius decorations went viral a Chinese magazine called lenss published information about the situation in masanjia the online version of the story was later removed but the Chinese authorities seem to have been shocked by the publicity shortly thereafter the government announced the closure of the labor camp system and the release of some 160,000 prisoners after a while son Yi managed to escape from China and met Julia in Indonesia it was said to be incredibly moving a message in a bottle usually you can only find things like a message in a bottle in an adventure literature but they work in real life so in 2005 a boat with migrants from Peru and Ecuador suddenly broke off the coast of Costa Rica the attendants who were paid a lot of money for their work got frightened moved to the other ship and abandoned the migrants yep just like that they were left behind the boat was adrift the food supply quickly ran out and the passengers seemed doomed the last vague hope remained to throw a bottle with a letter in it into the water perhaps they were fishing boats nearby this bottle could have sailed the ocean for many years but fortunately the fisherman found it only three days later they reported it to the local authorities and the boat was discovered quickly the passengers mostly women and children very dehydrated but the story ended well hey stop being lazy it's time to use that brain of yours welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals amazing facts and unsolved mysteries you'll find all this and much more hair subscribe now you won't regret it [Music]


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