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65-year-old man who lives with 400 stray dogs he rescued and adopted. #Video

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Today we visit Abdulkerim Kutlu, Turkey's most helpful animal lover, and the dog 22 acre paradise he built. The young woman shown in the video has brought food and medicine for the dogs.

A most unusual video.

Info from Youtube:

We visited the 65-year-old man who rescued and adopted dogs from the street and turned 22 acres of land into a dog paradise for these dogs. We prepared food for 400 dogs and fed them with love. I'm going to introduce you to a very special person today. A 65-year-old man who has dedicated his life to saving animals. This man, who saved the lives of 400 stray dogs, built a 22-acre paradise for these dogs. In this world where even a human cannot be trained for years, this man has managed to train hundreds of dogs. Can 400 dogs live in the same place while 2 people cannot live in the same house? Abdulkerim Kutlu, Turkey's most helpful animal lover, and the dog paradise he built. If there were a few more men like this man, the stray dog problem in the whole country would be solved. In fact, while the solution is so simple, the number of stray dogs and the problem unfortunately grows more and more every day. #dogs #dogrescue #adorablepaws

00:00 The man who prepares food for 400 dogs every day.
00:46 We bought food and medicine for 400 dogs.
01:28 The man cleans the feces of 400 dogs every day with a tractor.
02:16 We deliver 1 ton of dog food we purchase to dogs.
02:32 We prepare a food mixture (wet dog food and dried bread) for 400 dogs.
04:31 We distribute the dog food mixtures we prepared to the feeding points by wheelbarrow.
06:49 The woman the dogs fell in love with spreads love to the dogs.
09:59 There is well water in every region for 400 dogs.
11:53 With the help of the quad bike, we filled the containers at all feeding points with dog food.

400 dogs live peacefully in this paradise built on 22000 square meters of land. All safety precautions have been taken in this natural habitat built for animals. The infrastructure of the land was built by this man.

There are also many employee and veterinary clinics here. Rescued dogs are treated here. During the treatment period, dogs living in a room whose door opens to their natural habitat, during this time, go through the adaptation process with other dogs.

A paradise was built because the support of animal lovers and the efforts of Mr. Abdulkerim combined. In this paradise, dogs consume 25 packs of dog food a day. About 400 kilograms. All calculations are made transparently here. In live broadcasts from the veterinary clinic every week, animal lovers buy any dog food they want and donate it to these dogs. This man drives hundreds of miles each week to buy the cheapest and best quality dog food.

There are food containers, water bowls, dog pools, kennels, shady areas, recreation areas and playgrounds in every corner of this 22-acre property. The cleaning is done by a tractor. Since this is a bush area, it was not easy to build this paradise.

If you trust me, you can trust this man more than me. A 65-year-old old man does this job just for the love of dogs. For decades, too. By subscribing to this man's channel, you can share the reward of this paradise.


  • Deborah Added Awesome thank you for your service of looking after those beautiful dogs...
  • Randy Ferguson Added What a guy!
  • Lola Added What a beautiful Video of this man and his DOG'S!! I really enjoyed it!! Not one Dog acted aggressive and they all looked healthy and happy!! That gentleman and his helpers are doing a fantastic job!!! Kudos to all. God Bless~
  • CharMaine Added Wow . . . can you imagine! Trying to find a way to donate to this guy . . . What an incredible man and his mission.
  • Mary Jane Added I can't imagine taking care of that many animals. He seems to be doing a wonderful job as they all look healthy and happy.
  • Edith Added Amazing!!!
  • Kathy Stone Added This is what pure love looks like. I will never forget it! Thank you Mel.
  • Amber Added I noticed one post saying not a good diet with bread and dog food mixed. Did the poster not see the bags and bags of dry dog food being distributed by the woman ( she must be very strong) throughout the compound. Seems that would be a whole lot better than NOTHING to eat on the streets. As for the can't imagine caring and feeding dogs 24/7 don't have to imagine-they are doing it.
  • Robin Added Doesn't ANYONE wonder if these dogs have been said or neutered?? If not, this man is only adding to the the dog overpopulation! Also, he isn't trying to adopt these dogs, I would definitely put him in the category of a hoarder. I wish that Mel would have checked on these things.
  • Sandi Added This is beautiful to see how happy all the dogs are. It reminds me of LEE ASHER
  • Sharyn M. Added Part 2 - Sorry, I stopped the film to put my first notes on. When I finally watched the full film, I then saw all the other places to get food to eat. I saw all the doggie houses, fresh water places and more places for bags of dry food. I saw all the thankful dogs surrounding that lady with kisses and hugs. I hope the word will get out about these wonderful caring people so maybe they will get a lot of help.
  • Lovey Added lovely story - wonderful people
  • Sharyn M. Added They are all happy and just look at their beautiful coats. Yes, it’s not the healthiest menu, but they are getting food without fighting. Look in the back with dogs resting. It appears to me that maybe they have eaten and left or are waiting to eat. It’s better than running and fighting in the streets or getting killed by vehicles. At least they’re obviously happy. Bless that man and his helpers and maybe some dog food companies will help him with better food.
  • CATHY Added just beautiful
  • mercedes Added Sorry to see two negative reviews. It is wonderful that these dogs have a place to live, and the people involved in their care are true heros. There are some real beauties in the pack! I have worked with rescue dogs a lot, and these dogs are well taken care of. The only thing better would be adoption into a loving home.
  • Merridy Added WOW!!!!!!!
  • maureen w. Added I cannot imagine anyone being so caring of all these dogs. God Bless this good man.
    They have a home, food, and much love.
  • lynn Added amazing
  • Carole McKee Added What does he do about fleas and ticks? Medical?
  • Mari Added I never saw so many wagging tails!!! They know who saved them. Amazing to see 400 dogs all getting along. May God bless this man and daughter (wife?) for their loving kindness!!!!