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3 Brothers Bakery Video (Texas Country Reporter)

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Beginning in Europe, nearly 200 years ago, Three Brothers Bakery has become a Houston institution, well known for their traditional Jewish breads, and other baked goods.


Three Brothers Bakery

Sigmund & Bobby Jucker
4036 S Braeswood Blvd
Houston, TX 77025
Phone: 713-666-2253

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Video Script:: 

my earliest memories of the bakery are this is babysitting for me you know you kind of watch your dad on the table making rolls and making bagels and you emulate what your parents do so I started to work on the table when I was about nine the sign on this building in Houston Texas says three brothers but this might be the mother of all family bakeries they've been open for 70 years have multiple stores around the city and a menu longer than a crosstown commute owner Bobby Tucker was born into this polish baking legacy that spans centuries and continents my family's been in the bakery business for almost 200 years the three brothers started in a small town called chanath Poland they had a small bread bakery there their family did and so my dad Sigmund and his brother saw and Max started three brothers here 70 years ago the bread is still the same a lot of the recipes are from my 200 year old family who still use the same formulas that they were using still don't use preservatives and its really work for us hi welcome to three brothers bakery may I help you I think we're gonna take two of everything so everything that'll be perfect that's all no by any measure three brothers is a fuller than full-service bakery cookies cakes pie bread bagels and more they make from scratch anything you could ever find at a supermarket and some items you will not some of their most treasured recipes honor the jucco family's Jewish heritage [Music] sebab I want you to try one of the original core AI that my father grew up on okay so the hell does the recipe for this Bobby this is probably close to 200 years old and this is a heavy ride it has a real hard crust on it very very good our big sellers are rye bread peg bread we sell a ton of gingerbread man or hamantaschen those are a cookie dough with a filling in them and if traditional Jewish pastries don't get your taste buds tingling then Bobby has created a dessert that's more than a mouthful so this is the famous pumper Capel it's pump a kappa yes this is it pump a couple pump a Capel and it's the pumpkin pie right there you know in a pumpkin spice cake pecan pie and a chocolate cake and apple pie in an apple spice cake and it's a turducken of desserts is what it is you actually make those nails oh yeah we make them all the time hmm well that over-the-top cake helped put three brothers over the top when it appeared in TV shows magazines and on millions of social media feeds now they have customers all over the country shipping out tens of thousands of items every year it's more than the three founders ever dreamed of back in Poland back in a time when success was simply survival and Bobby knows none of this would be here today if it were not for Sigmund Joker's determination in the face of horrible suffering [Music] my father was in a work concentration camp where they pretty much worked you to death and his job was destroying people's homes polish people's homes and taking the timbers and the rocks and everything that they use and then making a very very large home for a German family some of the Timbers that they were were lifting you and I wouldn't be able to lift one one-fifth of what these Timbers were do you remember being in the concentration camps do I remember five years do I know do I remember what did you do in the concentration camp anything you didn't take anything but I can not tell anybody what that means to live like that most of my animals what we did to eat to drink nothing I still remember those people does it haunt you my whole life never gonna forget [Music] the three brothers were all sent out to different work camps their sister worked in a concentration camp in the office she got them to bring all of the brothers to the camp that she was in what was it like when you finally saw them after five years it looks like the whole world came together at one time everything did today a whole day and the whole night after we got down well after just barely surviving the Holocaust all four juncker siblings immigrated to Houston the three brothers established their namesake bakery and with it a new life for a family that was almost wiped out that business has faced its own disasters at the brink of each crisis Bobby realizes what this place means to him we've withstood so many disasters for floods a fire in a hurricane and we're still here I think we're gonna be here for a while me and my wife have become the king and queen of disasters we won the SBA phoenix award which as business you never want to win its award you do not want to win because you means you rose from the ashes that's right and we've become the advocate for small business [Music] so what you're feeling small business is really the engine of America and you know to watch these small businesses go away it hurts me yeah welcoming you have a nice morning it is an award no one ever hopes for a badge of honor that says survivor along with it comes the scars of tragedy and despite those struggles Bobby chucker remains grateful every day that his family is part of the lucky few for all who carried on and especially for three inspiring brothers he will keep this place thriving to honor them all you know it was kind of my blood and I wanted to see this legacy continue and for me it really wasn't about the money it was more about keep going forward that's what my dad wanted and he wanted to see it continue on [Music] you



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